Foundation for Educational Excellence Trustees
Jim Sickinger President
Katie Morrison Vice President
Sarah Keller Secretary
Nick Bernitt Treasurer
Emily Aiman Trustee
Laura Gleissner Trustee
Carissa Hippen Trustee
Michele Beal Trustee
Anna Sickinger Trustee
Travis Barnes BOE Member
Marty Payne MGS Superintendent

Metamora Grade School Foundation for Educational Excellence Mission Statement:

The mission of the Foundation for Educational Excellence is to generate financial resources for the purpose of providing Metamora Grade School with programs and other projects designed to enhance and expand the quality of education and learning opportunities available to students.

The Foundation was formed in 1991 to assist the school district with purchases after funding shortages were identified.  All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible and always used to promote educational excellence.

Each year the Foundation hosts one large fundraiser with the gracious help of local business sponsors and the support of parents and community members.  The proceeds from this event are then distributed to the classrooms of MGS as teachers submit grant requests each fall for educational extras as approved by the Foundation Board.

Recently, the Foundation has shifted from a Spring Carnival to Glo-Bingo.  In the last two years, this event has raised more than $70,000 to provide mini-grants to teachers for innovative teaching materials for the classroom!  Some of the purchases include the following: