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Cafeteria Rules:

1. Enter the cafeteria in a single file line and quietly.

2. For the courtesy of others if you don't have your lunch card go to the end of the line.

3. Treat all cafeteria staff as you would a teacher. Respect all adults.

4. Students must politely and clearly request or decline food items, etc.

5. Stay seated while eating and do not share food.

6. Use inside voice while talking to only those at your table.

7. Use your manners. Please and Thank You go a long way.

8. Keep your area clean on top of the table and underneath it.

9. Throw away your trash and return lunch tray.

10. Quiet time when lights are turned off; then tables are dismissed.

11. Single file line when leaving the cafeteria, no talking or running in the hallway. Many classroom instructors are teaching lessons during lunch.

12. Soda is not allowed at lunch time.

13. Never throw anything.

14. Follow the directions of the adults in the cafeteria.