Please contact George Oplt, Transportation Director, for bus questions and information.

Bus Conduct and Safety

Students living more than 1.5 miles from school are assigned to a bus using the student's legal residence. In the case of a request for transportation at an address other than a student's legal residence, parents must complete a bus stop request form to be reviewed by the Director of Transportation. Students must ride the assigned bus to school and home. If possible, students and parents should report bus problems to the bus driver before referring the situation to the administration. Students who do not follow the bus behavior rules will be reported by the driver to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

Students will: • Follow school rules on the bus and bus stops. • Show common courtesy (keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself). No improper physical actions. No throwing objects within the bus or out the window. No spitting. • Be respectful and obey driver's directions the first time they are given. • Remain in your assigned seat facing forward at all times. • NOT eat or drink on the bus. • NOT be loud, noisy, vulgar, or abusive. • NOT litter, write on, or damage the bus (school property) in any way. • NOT take harmful, distracting, or large objects on the bus (ex. skateboards, radios, games, toys, balloons, basketballs, large stuffed animals or live animals). • Remain absolutely quiet near a railroad crossing, by stop signs, or in heavy traffic or when requested. • NOT touch safety devices on the school bus. • Keep all objects except large band instruments on your lap. • Aerosol sprays (ex. body sprays, hair spray, and deodorant) are not to be used on or near buses.

PLEASE ADHERE TO THESE BUS GUIDELINES: In order to ensure less confusion and increased safety the following bus rules must be followed:
1. If an emergency arises and a parent needs a child to go home in a different manner, the parents must call the school prior to 2:00 p.m.
2. Parents must make every attempt to have their student(s) go home the same way every day. The district and its employees are not responsible when there is a change from the child's customary dismissal procedure.
3. Students are not allowed to ride a different bus for any reason. Student must get on and off at the same bus stop every day. However, if an emergency would occur and there needs to be a change in the student's customary bus procedure, contact the bus transportation director.
4. Students must ride the same bus to school every day. They may ride a different bus home (for example to the babysitters), but they must ride it every day. This option is currently available; however, it may change as our bus routes and school enrollment change.
5. Students must get on at the same spot and off at the same bus stop every day. The district and its employees are not responsible when there is a change from the child's customary dismissal procedure.
6. If a student is enrolled in Latchkey the same schedule must be followed each week. For example, if they are signed up to attend Latchkey on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then the bus driver knows to expect them on the bus on Tuesday and Thursday.
7. E-mails, notes, or phone calls will no longer be accepted to change the mode of transportation at dismissal time.
8. Once students are on the bus they will not be allowed to get off at a different location the bus unless there is a signed note from the parent that has been stamped by the office staff.
9. Parents will be asked for identification if they try to take their child from the bus. Please understand that our bus drivers cannot identify each parent.
10. Students should arrive at bus stop 5-10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time due to slight variations from the assigned bus schedule.
11. Students should conduct themselves properly at the bus stop by staying off the road. 12. Physical or verbal aggression or other misbehaviors are not allowed.

Video cameras with audio systems are used on buses to monitor conduct and maintain a safe environment for students and employees.